Not only does this Summit provide you with a fantastic opportunity to hear from world leading presenters all in the one place, the Summit itself is a world first for global collaboration in Parkinson’s.

This forum included presentations by Beck Hefferon, SCGH Physiotherapist and Laura Roberts, OPS Prosthetist for medical, allied health, nursing and any health professionals working with people with Amputees in WA.

Please join us on Thursday 1st March 2018 from 2:30 to 4:00pm for a Community of Practice for Tracheostomy. For further details please see our flyer.

Some readers may remember that in 2016, under the direction of the WA Stroke Services Director, and in collaboration with an expert reference group, TRACS WA developed a set of resources under the banner:

A survey monkey survey was distributed to TRACS WA’s mailing list in October. 113 responses were received. Of these 26% were nurses and 66% were allied health staff.

The TRACS WA team have been busily revamping our existing Subacute Care Interprofessional Education (SCIPE) modules into our new Introduction to Subacute Care (iSAC) program, due for launch in 2018.