This forum is intended for medical, allied health, nursing and any health professionals working with people with Amputees in WA.

Please join us on Thursday 1st March 2018 from 2:30 to 4:00pm for a Community of Practice for Tracheostomy. For further details please see our flyer.

The Heart Foundation is seeking WA nurses working in primary care and acute care settings who are passionate about improving the cardiovascular health of their patients.

2017 marks 200 years since James Parkinson published his famous essay on the ‘shaking palsy’. So it seems fitting that, on the 28th November, TRACS WA hosted the second CoP focused on assisting people with Parkinson’s disease to function optimally.  

TRACS WA were valued for their expertise in both facilitating and in their approach to education  around goal setting in subacute care, and were approached to develop a Train the Trainer module in collaboration with the WA ACAT Team. 

Our Facilitators have had a busy time as there have been lots of requests for our SAC education.  We delivered to Community Physio (CPS) for the first time. The 33 in attendance thoroughly enjoyed our Emotional Wellbeing module.