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Dear Colleagues,

At almost the halfway point of the year, we welcome you to our third e-bulletin for 2017. Our priorities continue to be collaborative, sustainable and effective learning and development for the subacute care sector. With that in mind we are pleased to offer access to the March Community of Practice (CoP) Caring for Aboriginal People in a Person Centred Way via three 30 minute videos of the event. Further work is being undertaken to edit these videos into short thematic clips on key topics for teaching and e-learning tools. We are confident these will support clinicians to enhance their practice.

With the opportunity of using modern technology to augment our delivery of education, the Community of Practice (CoP) this month was a showcase of the real-life video resources developed by the TRACS WA team earlier this year. These videos were made possible through a simulation resources grant provided by the WA Clinical Training Network and are relevant to specialist and general subacute populations and a wide range of health professionals. It offered the chance for clinicians to view and discuss ways to utilise the video learning and simulation tools and adapt them for individual learning and interprofessional education and practice. We would be pleased to receive feedback if you have been able to utilise these videos.

We are delighted to report the positive outcomes that have been achieved through the Learning Fund offered by TRACS WA. Sponsorship was offered to Kirra Pallant, physiotherapist from Geraldton for the Grass Roots Falls Festival. She has shared several conference presentations, references, handouts, clinical resources from the event with staff at her site, and within her WACHS network.  TRACS WA is dedicated to supporting WA Health clinicians working in subacute care to access the training they need, including funds to assist in the costs of registration and some other related costs. We also provide grants to organisations to assist with transition to evidence-based practice and support strategic partners who are advancing subacute care. For more information please visit our grants for training page on the TRACS WA website.

Finally we are looking forward to welcoming Assoc. Professor Barby Singer who will be joining our team part time for three months from July. We are sure her expertise will be invaluable in furthering the development and delivery of our educational programs.

Be sure to regularly check your email and our website for relevant upcoming events.  If you know of any colleagues who might be interested in staying up to date with our events they can join our subscribers list via our online form.

Best wishes,

Chris King, Unit Coordinator, TRACS WA


Feature – Skills Exchange

TRACS WA continues to support and facilitate a skills exchange program which has recently seen a number of clinicians benefit from shadowing staff at various Health Services across WA. Visit our skills exchange page to find out more or contact Katie Sutton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

Feature – Older Adult Mental Health (OAMH)

The Subacute Care (SAC) Older Adult Health Mental Health (OAMH) learning program delivers an inter-professional learning and development program suitable for all WA Health medical, nursing, allied health and support staff working in mental health services.

The learning program has been delivered to numerous sites and we are very pleased to be returning to deliver our Team Building and Emotional Wellbeing modules to teams at Selby, Bentley and Armadale in the near future.

For more information please visit our Older Adult Mental Health page on the TRACS WA website.

Educational Quote 

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”

Albert Einstein

Upcoming Subacute Care Events

Please see Upcoming Events on the TRACS WA home page for relevant subacute care training and development opportunities.

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 Disclaimer: Details of learning resources are provided for your information only. TRACS WA takes no responsibility for the content of the training identified.  The events are current at the time of sending e-bulletin.