Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the first e-bulletin for 2018. We have had a fantastic start to the year and are proud to announce that one of our Development Facilitators, Helen McLean, has been named as a finalist in the 2018 Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards in the Aboriginal Health category. Congratulations Helen!

Not sitting on our laurels, the team here at TRACS WA have commenced the year by delivering training for subacute care clinicians in Albany, FSH, FHHS, OPH and the Community Physiotherapy Service as well as facilitating two Community of Practice (CoP) Meetings in February and March and an Older Adult Mental Health Study Day.

The first well attended CoP meeting was for those interested in caring for people post amputation. Beck Hefferon, senior physiotherapist at SCGH, returned from her Churchill Fellowship tour with an abundance of information which she shared with the group. In addition Laura Roberts, Prosthetist OPS, delivered comprehensive information concerning the prescription and management of amputee prosthetics. Both their PowerPoint slides and videos of the CoP can be viewed on the TRACS WA website.

The second CoP on the management of people with long term tracheostomy was facilitated in two parts. One was a workshop for participants able to attend in person, while the second was a facilitated discussion for 10 video conference sites throughout the state. A pre-recorded interview with two staff from Respiratory Medicine at SCGH, Clinical Professor Bhajan Singh and Clinical Nurse Specialist Linda Cruickshank, with discussion around their model of care and barriers to discharge, was presented to both groups. This interview is available to view online here (via YouTube). The other videos related to the management of people with tracheostomy and laryngectomy are available on the TRACS WA website. A working party has been formed to explore the many solutions to issues proposed at these meetings and to increase co-ordination between the facilities and clinicians involved in the delivery of care for this small but complex client group.

A large attendance for the Older Adult Mental Health Study Day was very encouraging. It was a great opportunity for networking and enabled clinicians to make the most of their time together having come from a wide variety of facilities.

Our first delivery of blended learning will take place in April, when participants will be asked to complete an e-learning module prior to commencing a Principles of Rehabilitation workshop. We look forward to presenting this and hope to continue this mode of delivery for other modules of the Subacute Care Learning Program.

Finally, our new look Workplace Learning Fund is already up and running for the first round and clinicians are reminded that the 2nd round will be commencing on the 16th April and closes on the 25th May.

Best wishes

Barby Singer

A/Unit Coordinator, TRACS WA

Feature – The Subacute Care Learning Program has a new logo

TRACS WA aim to continually respond to our subacute care (SAC) community including increasing the range of training modules that we offer to health service professionals. In addition to the new training modules on Motivational interviewing and Aboriginal Culture and Health, we have recently adopted a new logo for our SAC learning program.

The elliptical shape of the logo represents the idea that the program is flexible and connected. Although there is a relationship between the modules, there is no particular order to the learning - you can choose which ever modules you need for yourself or your team. The image also speaks about the value that TRACS WA places on collaboration between facilitators and all learners. As health service professionals we are all learning and developing together with a focus on the overall goal of advancing the quality of the health care delivered to patients.



Educational quote

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”


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