TRACS WA is dedicated to supporting clinicians working in WA Health subacute care to access the subacute training they need. This includes provision of funding grants for training to assist in the costs of registration and certain other related costs. We also provide grants to organisations to assist with transition to evidence-based practice and support strategic partners who are advancing subacute care.

Who can apply? 

WA Health agencies, teams and individuals delivering subacute services are eligible to apply for funds. TRACS WA also welcomes proposals prepared in partnership with non-WA Health agencies. Before applying, it’s important that applicants review the Learning Fund Eligibility Criteria to ensure the proposal meets the necessary criteria. Once submitted, applications are assessed by TRACS WA.

What are the priority areas for funding?

Currently TRACS WA offers three funding options to support the strategic intent of the Unit and to address priorities of the subacute sector in WA. The focus of the fund will be to support projects that:

  • Improve the quality of SAC services provided in WA
  • translate evidence into practice
  • demonstrate innovation in subacute care
  • address our imperative to control cost and improve quality of care and the patient experience through collaboration and better coordination of care along the continuum.

What grant options are available?

Option 1: Grants to Support Service Transition to Evidence Based Practice

Teams or services are invited to contact TRACS WA to discuss proposals for relevant projects/ activities. Please Contact us for details.

Option 2: Grants to Support Individual Skills Development

Individuals may apply for funding support to attend state or national training and development on a SAC related topic. The proposed training must be skills based and the successful applicant must be able to act as a sector wide resource person on the specific topic area e.g.: through sharing of skills and knowledge across the sector.

Priority will be given to staff:

  • with training and experience in teaching, coaching and/or mentoring
  • developing expertise in a recognised priority area within SAC

Option 3: Grants to Support Strategic Partnerships

Applications can be made to fund events, visiting speakers and joint clinical training and development programs related to SAC strategic priority areas.

How do I apply?

Step 1    Ensure to apply to the Learning Fund at least 6 weeks before your nominated course date.

Step 2   Review the Application Form including:

  •             Eligibility Criteria
  •             Conditions
  •             Reimbursement Process.

Step 3   Determine which of the 3 grant options your proposal is eligible for.

Step 4   Complete the online application form which includes the grant agreement and selection criteria:

        Application Form (pdf)

Step 5   If your application is endorsed by the TRACS WA Steering Committee you will be advised in writing.

Step 6   Within 6 weeks of completion of your learning activity complete the reimbursement form and submit with your report to TRACS WA

Reimbursement Form and Participant Report Guideline (pdf)

If you have any queries about available grants or the process to apply for funding please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.