The Parkinson’s Community of Practice (CoP) was a joint event coordinated and delivered by Fremantle Hospital’s Specialist Parkinson’s Centre and TRACS WA.  The need to deliver this CoP came from clinicians in the community asking for training, knowledge and support for working with people with Parkinson’s.

181 clinicians throughout WA completed a survey designed to direct the Parkinson’s CoP.  The results of this survey were collated by TRACS WA and presented at the meeting on the 11th of November 2016 at CC Bennett Lecture Theatre. The top five priorities for education for 2017 were:

1. Dystonia

2. Motor symptoms, assessment and scales

3. Medication and medication assessment

4. Movement Strategies

5. Cognitive Profile Assessment

The Community of Practice used these five topics for group discussions both in the room and via VC. There were also PowerPoint presentations delivered by Parkinson’s experts:

Dr Sneha Bharadwaj: Psychosis and sleep

Dr Mark Wilson: Latest research – Berlin

Gillian Penman: Speech - expiratory muscle strength training

Denise Stapleton: Role of exercise and nutrition with Parkinson’s

The event was a great success resulting in participants working together to progress education in the Parkinson’s field in the future.  There was a definite drive to continue to deliver training on these topics and expand on these in 2017. 

Watch this space for up and coming CoP’s in Working with People with Parkinson’s  in 2017!

 DSC 0943

DSC 0949small

TRACS WA Development Facilitator, Jessica Sharp

DSC 0963small

Senior Dietitian, Denise Stapleton

DSC 0966small

Senior Speech Pathologist, Gillian Penman