TRACS WA are pleased to make available the recording of our Community of Practice event  based on caring for Aboriginal people in a person centred way within the health care system.

This panel style CoP was delivered at Royal Perth Hospital on the 23rd March 2017. There were 53 on-site participants at the CoP and a further 16 sites dialled in via videoconference.

The full 1.5 hour event is available for viewing in three 30 minute videos. Over the next few months the TRACS WA team are working with partners within the Aboriginal Health Strategy team to further edit the video content to facilitate learning across the key topics explored including:

  • Communication
  • Cultural protocols
  • Kinship
  • Men and Women’s Business
  • Hospital experiences
  • Rural and remote
  • Health Services, systems and funding
  • Resilience

We aim to provide short clips for ease of viewing and flexibility for teaching and e-learning.

For those  who have been waiting for the content and don’t want to wait any longer…..the full videos are available now!