The new Workplace Learning Fund (WLF) was launched in February 2018. Round 3 closes on Friday 20th July.  It is anticipated that there will be at least one more funding round offered in 2018.

The revised WLF encompasses previous TRACS WA funded activities, including skills exchange, but with a new emphasis on targeting service gaps in subacute care which can be addressed (or partially addressed) by the proposed workplace learning activity.

One-off grants of up to $5000 may be made to support learning activities which meet the eligibility criteria. Any health workers in SAC are eligible to apply and proposals prepared in partnership with non-WA Health agencies are also welcomed.

Another development in the WLF framework is that there must be an evaluation process built into the project that will allow assessment of the impact of the funded learning activity on the identified service gap. Such outcomes may include change in participant skills /knowledge and/or confidence in the delivery of high quality care, improvement in key indicators such as patient flow or adherence to guidelines, and /or evidence for achievement of specific competencies related to the delivery of care or client management. Support from TRACS WA staff is available to develop the application, if required.

Successful applicants must pay agreed costs upfront from the service’s budget and submit a request for reimbursement within the time frame specified. WLF recipients are required to complete a brief survey immediately after completion of the activity/project, and to provide a report within 12 months of receipt of funding detailing what was done, what the outcomes were, any difficulties encountered with the project, and any unanticipated benefits. For further information, please visit.