Busselton Hospital patients, volunteers and staff recently had the opportunity to star in their own video production. It was all ‘lights, camera, action’ when the hospital was turned into a movie set for the day.

Rehabilitation staff at the hospital received planning support and a grant from the TRACS WA Workplace Learning Fund, to produce an educational video for patients and their families coming to the hospital for rehabilitation after an accident, illness or surgery.  A first in the state, the video aims to promote understanding of rehabilitation goals and the team involved in supporting patient recovery. It adds value to the written educational information currently available, and is easily accessible to all patients, their families/carers and staff in a format that can be understood by those with differing literacy levels.

The video is accessible for patients of Busselton Hospital on the Patient Entertainment System at the bedside. The video resource can also be found on the TRACS WA website home page and in the resources section:



Beryl Lyon, a 97-year-old recent rehabilitation patient agreed to be involved the video as she “wished there was something like this (video) available when I was admitted to the rehab program”. Busselton Health Campus Allied Health Manager said “The rehabilitation video will be an invaluable tool for the patient and family’s understanding and expectations of the program. It will also be used to promote the rehab program, aimed at the deconditioned patient and those recovering from hip fracture surgery, to other Metro and South West hospitals. We were so fortunate to have current staff, volunteers and past patients involved in the video giving it a true local flavour.”

For more information on how a TRACS WA Workplace Learning Fund may be applicable to your workplace, please refer to details on the TRACS WA website:


If you have any queries about the Workplace Learning Fund or require support to apply for funding, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures from the filming:

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Nurses Stationsml