We have been working collaboratively with directors of Aboriginal health strategy in WA to build an Aboriginal Person Centred Care Learning Module.

In the lead up to this we have delivered professional development forums in varying formats at several venues including:
  • Enhancing Care of Aboriginal people in subacute care - Fremantle Hospital (2015)

  • Working with Aboriginal Health Professionals - Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (2016)

  • Expert panel Q&A on Caring for Aboriginal People in a Person Centred Way - Royal Perth Hospital (2017) A video of this event is available for viewing.

  • Open discussion regarding Aboriginal Person Centred Care Module content – WA Health (2017)

  • Pilot of the Aboriginal Person Centred Care Modules in a collaborative training session with an Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Trainer – Fiona Stanley Hospital (June 2018) and Royal Perth Hospital (August 2018)
This Module was developed as a response to WA Health clinicians expressing a need to gain more effective skills when working with Aboriginal patients as well as feedback from Aboriginal patients themselves. The content for these modules was explored in greater depth through the various Communities of Practice and then with a smaller collaborative group consisting of representatives from all of the Aboriginal Health Strategy Teams.  This lead to two pilots being conducted.

A supportive resource was also made by SMHS called Patient Centred Cultural Care Guidelines, compiled by the Aboriginal Health Strategy Team.

It is our immense pleasure to inform you that this collaboration was selected as a finalist in the WA Health Excellence Awards of 2018. Our partnership with the directors of Aboriginal health strategy shows the strength of working together on a common goal to provide training for all staff in Aboriginal Person centred care.

There will be a Launch announced in our next newsletter coming up at the end of the year to acknowledge the Aboriginal Person Centred Care Module and the collaborative work that has occurred from this.  All modules are delivered with an Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal facilitator in an open discussion format.

Comments from participants so far have included:

“The joint approach, with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal co-presenters was much appreciated”

"The gentle attitudes of the presenters were beautiful. Difficult messages were delivered in a peaceful, non-threatening manner"

"Very interactive learning environment. Great balance of educational material used"

"The activities were engaging and offered useful understanding"

Aboriginal Acknowledgement to Country

We wish to acknowledge the custodians of this land, the Wadjuk (Perth region) people of the Noongar nation, recognising their connections, their strength of character and their resilience and pay our respects to the Elders past, present and emerging.