The second WA Stroke Symposium, organised by Dr Andrew Wesseldine and team, was held at the UWA Club on the 10th and 11th November 2018.

The Symposium was extremely successful and was very well attended by a wide range of clinicians, educators and researchers including internationally recognised clinical researchers. Sharon McGowan, CEO of the National Stroke Foundation also attended. The topics ranged from medical and surgical management of acute stroke to increasing intensity of practice in rehabilitation.

TRACS WA funded many of the presentations to be video recorded and would like to thank Mark Sutton from Imagepro for producing such high quality recordings.

For Stroke Resources - Conference Talks please click here

The 14 separate videos from the 2018 Stroke Symposium are available on our website.

Stroke Symp Panel
Plenary Session (L to R): Ms Sharon McGowan A/Professor Erin Godecke, Professor Chris Bladin, Professor Sandy Middleton, Dr Jason Pierce, Dr Tim Phillips, Associate Professor David Blacker