TRACS WA funded a number of Regional Stroke Coordinators (RSCs) to attend the 2nd WA Stroke Symposium, (10/11th November) held at UWA, and a workshop held on the Friday to facilitate collaboration and improved consistency around stroke-related quality improvement planning, facilitation and evaluation within WACHS regions.

The day was organised and ably facilitated by Karen Gifford, who is currently Acting WACHS TeleStroke Program Lead. Stroke Coordinators or representatives from all regions except Pilbara engaged enthusiastically in workshopping ideas and sharing information on successful projects. Barby Singer, Allied Health Lead from TRACS WA, also attended the day.

Karen said that the annual workshop provides a dynamic face to face forum for WACHS Stroke Coordinator / Liaison Officers from all seven WACHS regions, who can usually only meet via videoconference, to get to know each other better, discuss stroke care initiatives relevant to WACHS, and collaboratively plan their stroke service priorities for the coming year.

Comments from other participants included:

“It was a great opportunity to be part of both the Stroke Coordinators meeting and the Stroke symposium. I found both events to be very eye-opening and such a positive tool for change within the health care industry. I appreciated the inclusion and camaraderie between the RSCs, particularly as someone who has never been involved in a state wide collaboration before”.

“Meeting the other WACHS Stroke Coordinators from other regions face to face was really valuable to build networks and sharing of ideas, so that we are all being more efficient with our very valuable “limited” time. Seeing each other over VC on a monthly basis is good, but an annual planning day face to face makes a huge difference. I’m looking forward to progressing some of the Quality Improvement ideas that came out of the session where each region discussed challenges to providing best practice in stroke care. In particular, I’m looking forward to progressing with the Midwest expanding their Stroke Education Workshops for clients/carers to other regions via VC and including inviting Stroke Survivors through NCWA to join in these sessions”.

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