Helen McLean, one of our Development Facilitators, presented at the Australasian Rehabilitation Nurses Association’s Enabling conference this year. Her presentation featured TRACS WA’s Blended learning module on the Principles of Rehabilitation Care. There were 150 delegates attending and TRACS WA have subsequently received greater traffic on our website including requests to access the online pre-learning component of the module.

The conference opening address was given by Kim Maddock who won a ‘Patients as Partners’ award for her innovative approach to bedside handover where patients contribute to handover about them. This allows for consistent, authentic, respectful partnerships where the individual’s unique needs are prioritised – an example of true person centred care. Post surgical and stroke patients were given prompt sheets asking them to respond to the question Today I feel……These were first implemented at the 2pm nursing staff handover but can be extended to include handovers involving allied health staff. 100% of patients loved the new initiative, and although staff were at first unsure about the change, they now value the knowledge and insight from their patients. Giving the patients the power has been associated with lower readmission rates. The patient-led handover will soon be expanded to women’s health and paediatric wards (parents may be included) and to mental health. Here is the link to Kim Maddock’s video: