A working party involving multiple health and disability services has continued to meet over the past year with the goal of facilitating discharge of people with long term tracheostomy from tertiary services.

We appreciate that non-tertiary hospital staff will have different levels of knowledge, confidence and understanding of tracheostomy management, with some services having more recent experience than others.

The group is developing a range of resources including a pre-planning questionnaire, a discharge checklist and a post-discharge survey to evaluate the process of transfer to the step down service. As soon as these documents are finalised, they will be sent to stakeholders in WACHS, disability services, and Residential Aged Care Facilities for comment. Please let us know if you are interested in being part of this consultation.

Another goal of the group was to streamline tracheostomy training across different health service providers. RPH, FSH and SCGH all run training days for staff new to tracheostomy management or needing a refresher. FSH also run short toolbox sessions on specific aspects of tracheostomy care. Staff from any WA Health service can attend any of these training sessions. Staff from outside WA Health may be able to attend, depending on demand. Costs may be charged for staff from outside WA Health.

Upcoming tracheostomy training opportunities between now and the end of the year are summarised on the education flyer.