Su Kitchen (CNC & Clinical Lead Falls Management, Sir Charles Gairdner Osborne Park Health Care Group) is a passionate advocate for falls prevention and management. She is a member of the Falls Community of Practice (CoP) which meets four times a year. They are always keen to welcome new members with an interest in falls.

Su runs an extensive program of falls education including a monthly education series. The next 40 minute education sessions are planned for:

• November 3rd (Barriers and enablers to falls prevention following hospitalisation: perspectives of older adults, Prof Elissa Burton, Curtin University)

• December 1st (Technology in Falls Management, Falls Specialist Physio, Tony Petta).

Su is also planning a forum on ‘falls huddles’ to be held in late November.

The popular Falls Study day was over-subscribed so they are putting on another one (full day - Wednesday 28th October) This training is open to all disciplines from any health service (nursing, AINs, PTs, AHA, PH, OTs, Dentists etc. from Broome to Esperance). This is face to face only and there is a cost ($168.00) for those outside of SCGOPHCG. Further details can be found here.

Su has recently generously provided us with a range of resources including handouts for staff and patients about falls prevention, understanding contributors (such as macular degeneration) and managing a fall at home. These are available on the TRACS WA website: Falls resources

Please contact Su if you want any more information about the CoP or upcoming education opportunities. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.