Videos for Cardiac Rehabilitation Advocacy

Heart Foundation Food and Nutrition Position Statements

CpR Guidelines
Cardiac Rehab Needs Assessment Tool
MR62.25 WACHS Cardiac Rehab Assessment
Source:  WACHS 
COPD and IHD Patient Early Diagnosis of Comorbidity sheet

The Breathless Patient - A TRACS WA Training Event (video) 
Source: TRACS WA 
The Breathless Patient, held on 28 July 2016, was a highly successful educational event which hosted a paenl of medical experts in cardiac and respiratory services.

A collaboration including TRACS WA, WACHS Chronic Condition Strategy Team (CCST), Heart Foundation WA and the Australian Cardiovascular Health Association WA have planned and developed a series of CRSP telehealth Professional Development sessions for country WA health professionals via VC.  We are pleased to welcome Rural Health West to join us in the colalboration from 2020, as the CCST is no longer operating.
The following sessions have been held:
Session 1  August 2018, an intro to CRSP: what is it, whose job is it and what resources are out there? 
  Source: TRACS WA, WA Department of Health.  Presented by the Heart Foundation and WA Health/TRACS WA
Session 2  September 2018, Community of Practice 'Exercise for Heart Health' 
  Source: TRACS WA, WA Department of Health.  Presented by TRACS WA
Session 3  October 2018. 'Supporting Your Patients - After Heart Attack' 
  Source:  TRACS WA, WA Department of Health.  Presented by the Heart Foundation
Session 4 November 2018 'Supporting your Patients: Heart Failure and Arrhythmias' 
  Source:  TRACS WA, WA Department of Health.  Presented by Ted Dowling and Andrew Maiorana
Session 5 February 2019 'Diet for Heart Health - for the non-dietitian' 
  Source:  TRACS WA, WA Department of Health.  Diet for Heart Health For the non-dietitian. Presented by Lauren  Cotter, Dietitian and Chronic Conditions Specialist, Wheatbelt 
Session 6 March 2019 'Heart Health - Supporting your patients mental health' 
  Source:  TRACS WA, WA Department of Health.  Presented by Shelley McRae and Julie Smith, Heart Foundation
Session 7 April 2019 'Different Approaches to Cardiac Rehab & How to show you are making a difference' (no recording)
  Source: TRACS WA, WA Department of Health. Presented by Nicole Jeffree, Snr Project Officer, WACHS CCST
Session 8 May 2019 Pt 2: Cardiopulmonary Rehab for the complex patient references:
  Source:  TRACS WA, WA Department of Health. 
Cardiac Rehab Needs Assessment Tool and MR62.25 WACHS Cardiac Rehab Assessment
Session 9 June 2019 'Engaging Aboriginal People in Cardiovascular Care'
  Source:TRACS WA, WA Department of Health. Presented by: Anne-Marie Dunnet, Snr Physio, WACHS; Andrew Maiorana, HoD, Exercise Physiology, FSH and Hazel  Mountford, Senior Physiotherapist, Cardiac Rehab, SCGH.
Session 10 July 2019 'Goal Setting'               
  Source: TRACS WA, WA Department of Health.  Presented by Helen McLean and Jessica Sharp,  Development Facilitators
Session 11 August 2019 'Bad Genes Good Practice'
  Source: TRACS WA Department of Health.  Presented by Jackie Ryan, Nurse Practitioner (Nurse Managed Lipid Clinics)
Session 12 October 2019. 'Heart HEalthy Eating Recommendations'
  Source: TRACS WA Department of Health.  Presentated by Nick Nation, Dietitian
Session 13 February 2020. 'Pathway to Cardiac Rehabilitation'
  Source: TRACS WA Department of Health.  Presentated by Helen McLean and Anne-Marie Dunnett
Session 14 17 March 2020. 'elearning modules for Clinicians'
  Source:  TRACS WA Department of Health.  Presented by Helen McLean, Development Facilitator TRACS WA
Session 15 16 April 2020. 'How do I provide interim Evidence Based Cardiac Rehabilitation during COVID 19?'

  Source:  TRACS WA Department of Health.  Presented by Shelley McRae, Heart Foundation and Helen McLean.
Session 16 May 2020 - 'Heart Health for Aboriginal People’ with Ted Dowling
  Source:  TRACS WA Department of Health.
Session 17 June 2020 - 'Medication Titration in Heart Disease' with Katrina Brogden
  Source:  TRACS WA Department of Health.
Session 18
 July 2020 -  'Acute Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease in Australia' presentation material available shortly

  Source:  TRACS WA Department of Health.

 Nurse Managed Lipid Clinics
Empowing nurses to play a pivotal role in identifying early onset coronary artery disease due to the genetic disorder Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH)

Cardiovascular rehabilitation and secondary prevention pathway principles
Source: WA Department of Health, Cardiovascular Health Network
Provides tools for health professionals and describes the key components of the rehabilitation and secondary prevention journey.

Aboriginal Health - Understand your heart & heart disease
Source: Western Australian Centre for Rural Health
Series of videos to provide education to Aboriginal peoples and health professionals.

National Heart Foundation of Australia
Provides guidelines, tools and publications by conditions.
Short You Tube Clips
1 Hour Webinars
Information in other languages

Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia
RHDAustralia supports the prevention, diagnosis and management of acute rheumatic fever (ARF) and rheumatic heart disease (RHD) in Australia

Management of chronic heart failure
Source: Guidelines in Practice
Clinical guidelines from the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network

 Self-care in Heart Failure: Tips and tools to track patient health

Source: Medscape (requires free registration to access)
An online education module (with video content) that is designed to help identify suitable tools, including mobile technologies, for patient self-management in a heart failure setting. 

Six steps to cardiac recovery
Source: Heart Foundation
My heart, my life (MHML), a resource for nurses to facilitate the conversation

Supporting patients after a heart attack
Source: Heart Foundation

Your Home Plan
Source: Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. Heart Failure Service

St Vincent's Hospital Heart Health
Helpful for beginning practitioners, this resource provides easy to understand content about cardiac conditions, procedures and cardiac rehabilitation.  Includes animations and videos from specialists in the field.

Cardiology Research Reviews
Features key medical articles from global cardiology journals covering acute coronary syndrome, atrial fibrillation, cardiology, heart failure and interventional cardiology. Earn CPD Points

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland
Scotland's health charity with a mission to improve the quality of life for people in Scotland affected by chest, heart and stroke illness, through medical research, influencing public policy, advice and information and support in the community. Provides access to a number of resources relevant to health professionals.

Heart Foundation. Australian Heart Maps Interactive Tool
The Australian Heart Maps reveal the true picture of heart disease across Australia. Explore state, regional and local data to see how your area compares.