Pat O’Leary is the Senior Physiotherapist in the Integrated Stroke Program at Bunbury Health Campus. Along with her colleagues in the subacute rehabilitation unit (Shae Flint (OT), Genevieve O’Connor (PT) and Curtin University physiotherapy student, Bianca Thyer), she has supported the development of a series of exercise/activity groups to increase practice time and engagement in rehabilitation for their clients.

The circuit class exercises are arranged in order of difficulty - red/orange/green levels (needing more to less assistance).

The Physio Func classes provide a scenario to help make the practice more functionally relevant. These resources are provided with permission from the group who encourage other rehabilitation clinicians to use and/or modify them for their own settings.

Circuit Group - Set Up

Physio Func - Cards

Physio Func - Exercises

Trunk Stretch Station UL Flex - Balance  UL Strength Station
Reach and Move - Basket Stations Sit to Stand Station Pre-Gait - Hurdle Station
Hip F- Marching Station LL + Balance Step Ups Station Standing Balance - Cones Station