Researchers at Murdoch Uni are creating new training content to prescribe exercise via telehealth. The training will be for physios, exercise physiologists and occupational therapists who work across all neurological conditions.

Our Lunch and Learn series continues this June, with a selection of short events around the themes of Supporting People with Cognitive Impairment, Supporting Staff Wellbeing and Delivering Clinical Care Remotely. Click on a series to see the flyer for more details:

One of our Development Facilitators, Michelle Sultan has developed a new short module on 'Supporting Aboriginal Health staff', which addresses the challenges that many Aboriginal health staff face and which have been exacerbated by the current COVID epidemic. This training has been delivered several times over the past few months, and was very well received.

This module will be delivered again in June. Click here for more info about this and other June Bitesize Lunch & Learn sessions.

TRACS WA is the process of developing some new modules focused on patients who present to health services with delirium or dementia. At TRACS WA we understand that there are many more patients who are presenting with cognitive issues/comorbidities in our general and rehab wards. Clinicians working in this area that would like to contribute ideas towards its development are encouraged to get in contact.

TRACS WA host a number of Communities of Practice (CoPs) which bring together people who share a passion, concern or common interest in a health care topic, in order to discuss, learn and organise activities. Here is an update of what's going on across our range of CoPs...