A Community of Practice (CoP) is about bringing together people who share a passion, concern or common interest in a subject and who interact on a regular basis to share practices, develop knowledge and improve the way they do things.

The elements of a community of practice include:

  • a shared area of interest or knowledge
  • a community of members who pursue their interest in the domain through participating in activities, discussions and sharing
  • a practice of shared resources such as tools, experience and problem solving

The WA Subacute Care Community of Practice

Statement of Purpose:

TRACS WA supports a range of CoPs which provide supportive, interdisciplinary forums for the sharing and exchange of skills, knowledge and resources in subacute care with the aim of improving practice and the delivery of quality, patient centred care.

CoP topics include: Cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention (CRSP), Stroke, the intersect between NDIS and WA Health, amputee care, compassionate care and COVID 19 Rehabilitation.

The main aims of these CoPs are to:

  • facilitate knowledge exchange and skills development
  • improve practice and provide patient focussed care by identifying common issues best addressed through a collaborative approach
  • collaboratively generate new knowledge
  • be a resource for support for individual group members, especially new practitioners
  • promote best practice at a service delivery or program level.

If you would like to keep up to date with upcoming CoP Events be sure to access our website on a regular basis and join our subscribers list via our online form.

Previous Community of Practice events

20/06/2019 - Chronic Disease Strategy (final session in this series)

16/05/2019 - Chronic Disease Strategy

28/11/2018 - Amputee Community of Practice

17/05/2018 - NDIS Community of Practice

01/03/2018 - Tracheostomy Community of Practice

21/02/2018 - Amputee Community of Practice

04/08/2017 - Parkinson's CoP/ Combined Education Meeting

15/06/2017 - Subacute Care Simulation Video resources showcase

23/03/2017 - Aboriginal Community of Practice

23/02/2017 - Parkinson's Community of Practice

11/11/2016 - Parkinson's Community of Practice

28/07/2016 - Respiratory and Cardiac Community of Practice

02/06/2016 - Aboriginal Busting Myths Community of Practice

20/05/2016 - Lyn Turner Stokes and 12/04/2016 Dr Linda Friedland