We are pleased to announce that our Subacute Care Learning Program as 1.5 hour workshop sessions have recommenced. We have implemented COVID friendly safety measures and limited numbers to ensure physical distancing rules are adhered to.

Our Subacute Care Learning Program is delivered to interprofessional groups and we are able to customise content for your service. Our modules are designed to teach the core principles of effective subacute care to all health staff at all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

We also offer training to clinicians working in Older Adult Mental Health, again modular, completed over one full day.

Our calendar fills quickly so if you or your staff would like to express interest in a session, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Module 1: Principles of Rehabilitation 

  • Understand what subacute care is, and how it differs from acute care
  • Understand the Principles of Rehabilitation and how to incorporate these into everyday practice
  • Explore how well these principles are applied in your service, and areas for improvement

Module 2: Goal Setting

  • Explore person centred, value based, participatory goal setting
  • Understand SMARTAAR goal setting
  • Gain knowledge of tools and resources to improve goal setting practices
  • Reflect on goal setting processes within your teams and identify opportunities, priorities and strategies for improvement

Module 3: Motivational Interviewing

  • Understand how our values shape our motivation
  • Identify stages involved in behaviour change
  • Understand ambivalence and resistance to change
  • Understand the main concepts of motivational interviewing
  • Practise the core skills of motivational interviewing

Module 4: Emotional Wellbeing

  • Understand virtues and values, and how they contribute to emotional wellbeing
  • Recognise a range of strategies for selfcare
  • Understand the impact of individual emotional wellbeing on service delivery

Module 5: Team Building

  • Recognise how learning styles can contribute to team functioning
  • Explore different  team roles
  • Explore how to work together as an effective team
  • Understand resilience and explore resilience strategies

Module 6: Aboriginal Person Centred Care

  • Increase cultural knowledge and understanding
  • Engage with authentic stories of Aboriginal people’s experience of healthcare providing insight to enhance the development of deep and lasting empathy for Aboriginal people
  • Improve the skills of health professionals to provide person-centred care to Aboriginal people in a holistic, culturally safe, way in a culturally compassionate environment

Module 7: Evidence Based Practice

  • Understand the principles of evidence based practice (EBP) and how to integrate into the workplace
  • Explore the resources available to support EBP
  • Understand processes to support quality improvements in the workplace

Module 8: Person Centred Care

  • Acknowledge the “human factor” in person centred care
  • Understand principles of person centred care
  • Practice person centred skills