APCC LogoThis is a full day training workshop. The emphasis is on applying strength based approaches to Aboriginal person centred practice. Participants are encouraged throughout the day to discuss and workshop scenarios and solutions to improving the delivery of care.

We have implemented COVID friendly safety measures and limited numbers to ensure physical distancing rules are adhered to.

Our calendar fills quickly so if you or your staff would like to express interest in a session, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Module 1: Identity 
  • Increase understandings of Identity, and what it means for Aboriginal people
  • Develop understandings of Aboriginal peoples connection to culture and communities
  • Examine the diversity of Aboriginal people in WA
  • Increase own awareness of key cultural and socio-economic factors
  • Reflect on how these factors can impact on working with Aboriginal people

Module 2: Historical Impacts

  • Examine cultural differences within Australia
  • Explore the impacts of past policies that targeted Aboriginal people
  • Gain an understanding of Aboriginal people‚Äôs strengths and resilience
  • Reflect on concerns that Aboriginal people may continue to have about health systems
Module 3: Building a culturally respectful Health Service
  • Explore key health service frameworks and policies
  • Increase understandings of racism and its impact
  • Reflect on Department of Health initiatives
  • Examine own bias
  • Reflect on ways to make health services culturally safe

Module 4: Health Literacy

  • Examine health literacy for Aboriginal consumers
  • Increase understandings of communication barriers
  • Explore current supports available for Aboriginal people
  • Reflect on effectiveness of current resources for Aboriginal people

Background Information - Patient Centred Cultural Care Guidelines    

The Patient Centred Cultural Care Guidelines developed by Aboriginal Health Strategy, South Metropolitan Health Service (DoH login required) provides further information and tools to support staff in delivering safe and culturally responsive care for Aboriginal people. Please access the guidelines here.