The TRACS WA Workplace Learning Fund (WLF) Program provides financial support to individuals or groups of health professionals or assistants working in subacute care (SAC) seeking to develop their knowledge and skills and address service gaps, through workplace learning opportunities. One-off grants of up to $5000 may be made to support learning activities which meet the eligibility criteria.

Who is eligible to apply for support and/or funding?

• WA Health agencies, teams and individuals delivering subacute services
• Aboriginal Health Workers and other practitioners working in an allied health or nursing support role.
• Proposals prepared in partnership with non-WA Health agencies are also welcomed.

What are the eligibility criteria?
• A clearly identified SAC service gap which can be addressed (or partially addressed) by the proposed workplace learning activity.
• It can be demonstrated that no other source of funding is available.
• Referees indicate that the applicant has capacity to achieve project outcomes.
• The budget is reasonable and is well justified.
• Measureable outcome(s) of the funded activity has/have been identified.

Other desirable criteria include:
• Promotes equity of access for WACHS staff to training/development.
• Inter-professional practice is encouraged, where appropriate.
• Projected outcomes are likely to be sustainable

What is not covered by the funding?
• Projects that are not directly associated with SAC
• Projects that have already been completed
• Expenses related to post graduate study/research programs
• Training for an individual to improve skills/knowledge with no evidence of how that learning would address a service gap
• Purchase of equipment / consumables
• Employment of additional staffing.

How do I apply?

  1. Read the [Eligibility Criteria], [Conditions of Acceptance] and [Application Process] documents
  2. Complete and submit an [Application Form] during one of the yearly funding rounds (closing dates are Monday the 25th March, 27th May, 22nd July and 23rd September).

What will happen then?

The TRACS WA [Steering Committee] will review your application and will notify you of the result within two weeks of the close of the relevant funding round.

If the application is approved, you must sign and submit the [Agreement Form].

Within 6 weeks of the activity completion, you will be asked to complete a [Reimbursement Form] and you will receive your funding.

If the activity is a project, you will also be required, within 6 weeks, to complete an [Initial Project Evaluation] about the activity. 12 months after the activity you will also be asked to fill out a [12 month Project Evaluation].

If the activity involves course attendance, within 6 weeks you need to simply fill out a [Course Evaluation] about the activity.

Can applications be made outside the two yearly funding rounds?
Only in exceptional circumstance and/or urgent service needs. Contact the TRACS WA unit coordinator to discuss your circumstances.

Where can I get more information?
If you have any queries about the Workplace Learning Fund or require support to apply for funding please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.