Welcome to the iSAC online learning program. In subacute care the primary need for care is optimisation of function and quality of life.

This learning program is intended as an introduction for health students and staff new to working in subacute care. iSAC is appropriate for all disciplines and consists of four modules.

 The iSAC program aims to:

  • Promote understanding of subacute care as a speciality service
  • Introduce the general principles of rehabilitation in subacute care 
  • Engender enthusiasm for subacute care and an understanding of the wide-ranging environments in which subacute care can be delivered
  • Outline the importance of teamwork in rehabilitation
  • Promote the importance of looking after yourself and your colleagues

The modules can be completed in any order although completing modules one and two in order is advised. You may complete the modules individually, in pairs or small groups.

Each module opens in a new window. When you press the finish button on the last slide the window will close. Modules require audio and contain links to online videos and resources, which will also open in a new window. Each module takes around 20 to 30 minutes and does not have to be completed in one go.

Introduction to Subacute Care

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