18th February 2021  to register and further information: Chronic Heart Conditions: Programs and Pathways

November, Session 'Chronic Heart Failure presentation' 

We have ongoing collaboration with the Heart Foundation WA, the Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association WA (ACRA-WA) and from 2020 Rural Health West have partnered with us. Since August 2018, the collaborative partnership have provided 19 sessions, with attendance from 107 sites. Each session is facilitated by an expert in their field, with previous topics ranging from Engaging Aboriginal People in Cardiovascular Care to Dietary information on Heart Health. 

Although our sessions are directed mainly clinicians working in WACHS, we welcome metropolitan clinicians working in this area to join us.

Please see below for the recordings and resources from previous sessions.

TRACS WA Chronic Heart Failure eLearning. This e-Learning includes a series of case studies which explore aspects of management of heart failure including medications, supporting goal setting behaviour change, and providing psychosocial support click here for further information.

TRACS WA, together with Rural Health West, are in the process of developing some informative podcasts in the area of CRSP that will be available shortly.


Sesson 21 October 'Q & A Panel End Rheumatic Heart Disease'.
Presentations: The Endgame Strategy: Working to eliminate rheumatic heart disease for the next generation  End RF/RHD in Australia
Session 20
 (audio only) September 'Research Roundup' with Assoc Prof Andrew Maiorana, Anna Scheer, Nacho Suarez and Tashi Dorje
Presentations:  Benefits of Aquatic Exercise for People with Coronary Heart Disease     SMART-CR/SP in China     Comparison of different exercise training in Patients with LVAD
Session 19
 August 'Nutrition for Heart Health' with Sandy Duxbury, Coordinator Heart Health WA (Nutrition and Equity), Heart Foundation. Presentation  Aboriginal Resources
Session 18
July -  'Acute Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease in Australia' online modules  Introduction to RHD video  Presentations: General RHD burden  Dr Katharine Noonan  
Session 17 June - 'Medication Titration in Heart Disease' with Katrina Brogden presentation material medication compliance review
Session 16
May - 'Heart Health for Aboriginal People’ with Ted Dowling presentation material  resources list  patient information

Session 15 April - 'How do I provide interim Evidence Based Cardiac Rehabilitation during COVID-19?’ presentation material
Session 14 March 'elearning modules for Clinicians', presentation material 
Session 13 February 'Pathway to Cardiac Rehabilitation'

Previous Recorded Sessions
Session 1  August 2018, 'An intro to CRSP: what is it, whose job is it and what resources are out there?' 
Session 2  September 2018, 'Exercise for Heart Health' 
Session 3  October 2018. 'Supporting Your Patients - After Heart Attack' 
Session 4 November 2018 'Supporting your Patients: Heart Failure and Arrhythmias' 
Session 5 February 2019 'Diet for Heart Health - for the non-dietitian' 
Session 6 March 2019 'Heart Health - Supporting your patients mental health' 
Session 7 April 2019 'Different Approaches to Cardiac Rehab & How to show you are making a difference' (no recording)
Session 8 May 2019 Pt 2: 'Cardiopulmonary Rehab for the complex patient' references:
                 Cardiac Rehab Needs Assessment Tool and MR62.25 WACHS Cardiac Rehab Assessment
Session 9 June 2019 'Engaging Aboriginal People in Cardiovascular Care'

Session 10 July 2019. 'Goal Setting'
Session 11 August 2019. 'Bad Genes Good Practice'
Session 12 October 2019. 'Heart Healthy Eating Recommendations' - Heart Foundation position statements, presentation material

Please click here to access the CpR guidelines and click here for cardiovascular resources.

ACRA Sydney 2019 Poster Presentation:  Inter organisation collaboration targets Country Health Professionals in Western Australia: utilising telehealth to provide support and education

Please contact us here at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for queries and any topics you would like presentations on.