TRACS WA is aware that there is interest in improving the coordination of care of patients following amputation across WA Health and amongst private organisations.

An Amputee Community of Practice was held on Wednesday 28th November at SCGH, supported by TRACS WA. The event was attended in person by 20 clinicians and an additional 37 attendees via 10 VC sites from across WA Health.

The meeting included presentations from three key clinicians:

Dr Ian Wilson (Rehabilitation Physician, SCGH/OPH) presented a draft proposal for requirements and considerations for a clinical pathway in Amputee care. The eventual document will likely take the form of a checklist/algorithm to inform collaborative care and a smooth transition between services. Stakeholder consultations are ongoing.

Beck Hefferon (Snr Physiotherapist, SCGH) discussed the Osseointegration (OI) procedure in Amputee care. Currently OI is being performed by Prof Richard Carey-Smith at SCGH and a number of orthopaedic surgeons interstate. There is no agreed pathway for pre-operative assessment or post-operative rehabilitation for these individuals and there are some procedure specific considerations for management of this group of patients. Beck outlined a possible OI pathway and a template for assessment by the multi-disciplinary team.

Nicole Steer, (Snr Physiotherapist, FSH) spoke briefly on some new resources designed to be used by physiotherapists to support prescription of a home exercise program for someone who has had an amputation. The PowerPoints and resources from these presentations are available at:

Clinicians with an interest in Amputee care are encouraged to get in contact with TRACS WA for further stakeholder engagement planned for 2019 on the proposed clinical pathway documents.

Contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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