‘Tune in with TRACS WA’ was designed to meet the needs of subacute clinicians in a time when we could not deliver face to face training.

As all our training in WA Health is responsive to community, so too were the topics chosen for this series, delivered via Video Conference (VC) training each Friday in two time slots; 12:30-1pm and 2:30-3pm.

Some clinicians have a regular lunch break and attend a lunch and learn (hence the 12:30pm session) while others may attend at the end of their shift. The premise for the ‘Tune in with TRACS WA’ sessions was that clinicians’ worlds, both at work and at home, were not looking or feeling the same due to the impact of COVID-19 on their work and personal lives. The sessions sought to provide clinicians with practical advice and resources to help themselves, and their colleagues, and to allow them to continue to provide excellent care to patients and their loved ones.

The topics chosen were

1. Self Care in Health Care
2. Developing a Resilient Mindset
3. Communicating Effectively
4. Goals of Patient Care
5. Courageous Conversations

Handouts and resources related to these sessions can be found on the TRACS WA website.

As these short VC sessions were valued by our clinicians, TRACS WA is continuing to deliver similar sessions in the future. We have changed the day to Tuesdays and extended the time to an hour. These future sessions are called ‘TRACS Tasters’ and further information can be found here.