• The role of diet in secondary stroke prevention. Full article publised 18th December 2020 online.

  • Risk factors for falling for people with Multiple Sclerosis identified in a prospective cohort study. Full article published 16th December 2020 online.

  • How am I going to get out of this?'  Stroke patient tells of extraordinary fight to survive, as major study unveiled ABC news.  Research in bid to help patients stand tall, further article with WA Dept of Health.  Please watch ABC video clip here.

  • Out of sight, out of mind: long-term outcomes for people discharged home, to inpatient rehabilitation and to residential aged care after stroke.  Full article published 14th December 2020 online.
  1. Ask the Specialist: is a podcast for health professionals who work with Aboriginal patients. Created in the NT of Australia, doctors from Royal Darwin Hospital ask Larrakia, Tiwi and Yolngu leaders to answer their questions which span clinical to philosophical issues.  15 minute topics include: Recognising and addressing racism, Informed consent, Perspectives on health and well being, Patient centred care, Communicating with your patient.

  2. Future Health Research and Innovation (FHRI) Fund website provides a secure source of funding to drive health and medical research, innovation and commercialisation and through these activities, improve the health and prosperity of all Western Australians. It also provides an opportunity to diversify the economy, create jobs, improve the sustainability of the health system and position WA as a leader in research and innovation.  The themes for the inaugural FHRI 2020-22 Strategy are: People, Partners, Platforms and policy full document to view here
  1. Fall Prevention Exercise A recent meta-analysis published in Experimental Gerontology completed a comparison on fall prevention exercises and determined the key components to exercise to prevent falls.  (Time limited free access)
  2. Review Article on the use of Anticholingeric medication and risk of dementia, released October 2020. Increased risk of incident dementia following use of anticholinergic agents: A systematic literature review and meta‐analysis.

  3. Help sheet from Dementia Australia on Anticholinergic drugs and dementia

  4. Click here to the World Health Organisation’s Guidelines on Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviours 2020  

  5. Pandemic Kindness Movement.  Love and belonging. We keep our distance physicallly, which means keeping connected emotionally is more important than ever. NSW Govt.  Agency for Clinicial Innovation.
  1. Alzheimer's music therapy for patients - Former Ballet Dancer Marta C. Gonzalez listening to Swan Lake
  • CareSearch Blog: Palliative Perspectives, Mental health and older adults: the importance of being present published 26 November 2020
  • Delirium nature reviews disease primers, published 12 November 2020