It has been TRACS WA’s great pleasure to work with our new OAMH lead, Dr Noel Collins, whose expert input into our learning program has made this full day of training highly relevant to all health providers for people whose mental health is compromised at differing times along their health journey. We invite you to attend our new training program which has received excellent reviews at two pilot sessions.

Feedback from a series of one on one interviews, conducted in collaboration with Elizabeth Dale, an intern from Notre Dame University, has led to further improvements to the module content. The full day of training will cover:

  • The importance of providing compassionate, evidence based, person centred care during the recovery process.
  • Introduction to a suite of practical tools and techniques to care for those with Depression, Dementia and Delirium including: NIDO therapy, behavioural activation, activity scheduling, mindfulness, mentalisation, and compassionate mind training.

We have a number of upcoming training sessions in 2021 so be sure to look out for the these interactive, case based, experiential training sessions.

Click here for further information, and here for upcoming training sessions we look forward to you coming along to these interactive, case based experiential sessions.