The GoPC process is intended to prompt a conversation to establish a medically appropriate, realistic, agreed goal(s) of patient care that will apply, in the event of any clinical deterioration, during that episode of care. Click here for sessions.

Staff in subacute care often work with patients who are frail and elderly, have complex medical conditions or life limiting illnesses, or those whom have had multiple hospital admissions. The GoPC document is completed by medical staff during a patient’s admission, however nursing and allied health staff working with these patients are perfectly placed to support our medical teams to have these conversations with their patients. Not all staff may have confidence discussing these decisions or identifying the need to initiate the GoPC conversation.

This 30 minute toolbox aims to clarify questions around the GoPC document itself, and offer some considerations and resources to extend your knowledge and confidence about having conversations with patients, families and other staff around GoPC.

If you or your team think that you would benefit from this training, please contact one of our Facilitators at TRACS WA on 9431 2351 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to work with you for a suitable delivery time.