TRACS WA are in the process of developing a new training module on ‘Trauma Informed Care’. This module is being developed based on feedback from health consumers and clinicians that sometimes there is more going on for health consumers (patients) than is immediately apparent from their presenting condition.

What we have been through in our past can impact on where we are today and how we respond to situations. Stress related to past traumas can be triggered by unrelated events. We may term this ‘big T’s’ (past trauma) and others little t’s, (our response to the initial event and the emotional reaction that we may carry forth to our future connections and relationships). In the training module we will be exploring how best to work with people from a “Trauma informed approach”. We don’t always know what people’s past distressing experiences are, and how they have processed them. Having an understanding of how past traumatic experience can affect personal and health care relationships and responses to different settings and health environments can assist us to better support our patients, and, indeed, our colleagues.

TRACS WA are launching our new 'Trauma Informed Care' module on the morning of Friday 3rd December at FSH. We hope you can come along to learn about this new program which aims to help clinicians understand how to work effectively with people whose past trauma experience may be triggered by interaction with the health system.  You'll also have the opportunity to hear from inspirational speaker and founder of Angel Hands, Dr Ann O'Neill (OAM)  

If you are interested in contributing to the development of this training, or accessing it for your team, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..