TRACS WA host a number of Communities of Practice (CoPs) which bring together people who share a passion, concern or common interest in a health care topic, in order to discuss, learn and organise activities. Here is an update of what's going on across our range of CoPs...

We have five regular active CoPs. For access to resources, an online discussion forum and regular meetings with like-minded colleagues, click here to register to become a CoP member.

Stroke Care

Stroke Symposium Wednesday 2nd November.  The Stroke Community of Practice continues to meet monthly to provide clinicians with opportunities for networking, education and collaboration between members. Since February, education topics have included information on the Young Stroke Project, Telestroke and Understanding apathy. Attendance at these meetings has remained consistent despite challenges associated with COVID and offers a platform for members to discuss issues and provide support for one another. The topic for June is hybrid cognitive screening, with a discussion amongst members around current processes for assessing cognition and suitability for remote care. The Stroke Community of Practice continue to partner with the National Stroke Foundation to link clinicians with current stroke issues, resources and research. 

NDIS Health

The NDIS is well established in WA, but clinicians are still encountering a range of issues supporting their clients with access requests and managing the interface between the NDIS and health service provision. In partnership with the Disability-Health-Network TRACS WA hosts 3-4 NDIS-Health forums each year to support the effective interaction between these two entities, our next NDIS meeting is on Tuesday 20th September with the topic of Young People in Residential Aged Care. The previous CoP was on Thursday 9th June.  In October 2021, we hosted an online forum exploring what action can be taken when a participant has a concern with their NDIS funded services, and how clinicians can support their clients to get the best possible service. You can find resources and videos of previous NDIS-Health forums here.

Amputee Care

Our Amputee Care CoP has been quiescent for a while, we had our most recent meeting on the 28th July.  We hope to host a consultation regarding a new Amputee Pathway information resource before the end of the year. Some excellent videos on Amputee care are located here.

Cognitive Care

The Cognitive Care CoP comprises of clinicians from across WA Health and external organisations.  Members meet every second month to share ideas and resoucres, and brainstorm solutions to issues that people are experiencing in relation to delivering best practice health care to people with cognitive impairment. Cognitive Care CoP will be on Wednesday 21st September.

The Cognitive Care Community of Practice hosted a virtual symposium in March. Attendance from metro and rural services was 100 participants. The feedback included readiness for action in making changes to enable environments for people with dementia. Planning for the September Symposium has commenced.  We encourage you to save the date and promote World Alzheimer’s Day with attendance to the symposium – Wednesday September 21, 12-2PM.  

Planning for the symposium will be further developed in the next meeting of the Cognitive Care CoP - Monday June 13th, previous meeting.

Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention (CRSP)

CRSP is a collaboration with ACRA WA, Heart Foundation and Rural Health West where we have been faciliating monthly 1 hour online education sessions since August 2018 to Rural, Country and Metro and Interstate sites. Our 37th session will be delivered in June, with Professor Andrew Maiorana presenting.  The recordings of previous sessions and a range of clinical and research resources are available here.  Please let us know if you would like to join our CRSP mailing list.


The COVID-19 Rehabilitation Community of Practice have been actively discussing the emerging evidence regarding ‘long-COVID’, with a meeting in early November 2021 emphasising the need for preparation for a potential influx of long-COVID patients in 2022.  Peer reviewed literature and anecdotal evidence from NSW is pointing to a high probability that many post COVID patients, while no longer infectious, will continue to suffer significant effects of the illness even 6 months after their initial COVID-19 infection.  TRACS WA has been examining the implications of this evidence for rehabilitation services in WA and is working with the CoP to raise awareness about this challenge.


Our Tracheostomy CoP is a small group of dedicated healthcare and disability service professionals who work in this specialist area. Originally set up to explore solutions to the issue of finding services to discharge people with long term tracheostomy to, this group meets every few months to share information about educational opportunities and to discuss tracheostomy related issues. You can find resources and educational videos about care of people with laryngectomy/tracheostomy here.

Further information

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you would like more information about any of these CoPs or are aware of an area of practice which would benefit from the development of a more formal network of interested clinicians.