Over the past 18 months we have delivered many of our training modules remotely. The format which involves our presenters being here at Fremantle hospital, and then video conferencing to groups at a remote site, has been very successful. 

This delivery mode works particularly well in WACHS and is also an excellent solution when it is too difficult for metro clinicians to get to a training venue.

An example of remote training that we have delivered this year is a series of ‘lunch and learn’ sessions to AH staff working in rehabilitation at Geraldton hospital. Topics covered included: goal setting, person centred care and motivational interviewing.  A comment from one participant was: “I enjoyed looking at how we do person centred care well and ways that we can improve. It’s good that it was specific to our own workplace”.

Training can be customized to your needs in terms of topic, timing, duration and style of delivery.

As a ‘taster’ we are excited to announce four 30 minute Bitesize Lunch and Learn Sessions’ on Tuesdays in November: (12:30-1pm) on the following dates and topics:

November 9th – What is growth mindset and why do I need to know?

November 16th – Effective communication - use of ‘I statements’

November  23rd – How your learning style influences the way you work in a team

November 30th – An introduction to goals of patient care

Please let us know if you would like us to deliver Bitesized sessions on any other topics at your service. 

TRACSWA Modules Infographic50

We also have e-learning modules on our website that can be accessed at any time. The topics are: Goal Setting Introduction through a Case Study, Introduction to Subacute Care, Chronic Heart Failure – Simulated patient Interviews.