Please find below resources from previous Bitesize Lunch and Learn sessions.


April 2022 Bitesize Lunch and Learn
Week 1: Supporting behaviour change during COVID-19
Week 2: Supporting specific client groups
Week 3: Person centred communication

Resources for previous Bitesize sessions included:

March 2022 Bitesize Lunch and Learn

Week 1: Understanding the role of non-medical staff in the Goals of Patient Care process
Week 2: Providing Person Centred Care under COVID restrictions
Week 3: Supporting Staff Health and Wellbeing during COVID
Week 4: An Introducation to Trauma Informed Care
Week 5: Partnering with Aboriginal people during COVID

November 2021 Bitesize Lunch and Learn

Week 1: What is a growth mindset?
Week 2: Improving your communication skills
Week 3: Working effectively in your team
Week 4: Goals of Patient Care