Rebecca Clinch - the first Aboriginal Brain Injury Coordinator in the Healing Right Way study – received the 2022 NAIDOC Perth Nursing and Midwifery Award (Statewide) presented at the NADIOC Awards held on the 25th June. Rebecca held the post of Aboriginal Brain Injury Coordinator from its inauguration in January 2018 through to January 2022 when the service was completed.

Rebecca was based in Perth and worked with patients enrolled in the Healing Right Way study who were from metro areas and she also followed up patients who returned to live in WACHS regions. In her role as Aboriginal Brain Injury Coordinator, Rebecca became a terrific advocate and raised awareness of brain injury and rehabilitation in the community. Rebecca has blazed the trail for more Aboriginal nurses and health professionals to be working in the area of brain injury, stroke, rehabilitation and disability.  She has demonstrated the importance of roles for Aboriginal health professionals in this area. 

Rebecca receiving this award is testament to her work and is also a fantastic example of the study’s impact, on culturally secure care for brain injury survivors and their carers/family.