Directory of Physiotherapy Services for People with Parkinson's Disease - Updated March 2019

Parkinson's Disease Community of Practice Videos -  December 2017 
To view the event, available in two parts, click below:

TRACS WA Parkinson's CoP - UPDRS and Movement Strategies Part 1 [opens in]
TRACS WA Parkinson's CoP - Movement Strategies Part 2 and PSP [opens in]

FHHS and OPH Parkinson's Combined Education Meeting - August 2017
The forum on the was for medical, allied health, nursing and any health professionals working with patients with Parkinson's disease in WA.  Hosted by FHHS Parkinson's Service.
PD and Gut

Parkinsons Community of Practice February 2017  With Rachel Zombor,
Acting Director & Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist at the Neurosciences Unit.

This CoP is intended for medical, allied health, nursing staff and anyone working with patients with Parkinson’s in WA. This session includes:

  • The basic cognitive profile of people with Parkinson’s
  • Cognitive screening: benefits and limitations
  • Functional impact of behavioural, mood and emotional aspects of PD.

Parkinson's Research Review
Features key medical articles from global neurology journals. Covers topics parkinson's disease, stem cell therapy, lewy body disease and neurodegenerative disease. Earn CPD credits.

International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society
A professional society website which provides access to a number of free resources such as evidence based medicine reviews, webcasts and patient education materials.

Parkinson's UK
The professional section of this website has resources which may be of interest to subacute care clinicians.

Parkinson's Australia
Website of the national peak body and charity for Parkinson's.

Parkinson's Western Australia
Provides a Parkinson's Nurse Specialist Service, support networks and educational resources and training.

Parkinson's Explained
A free app which explains Parkinson's disease through storytelling. Aimed at patients and their families but also has relevant content for clinicians.