These exercise booklets are designed to be used by a physiotherapist to support prescription of a home exercise program for someone who has had an amputation.

They were developed by Nicole Steer, Senior Physiotherapist, and Lucy Oliver, physiotherapist, in Amputee Rehabilitation, at Fiona Stanley Hospital, with support from FSH Medical Illustrations and SMHS Corporate Communications.  

It is important that the prescribing clinician ensures that all exercises are safe and appropriate for that individual patient to perform, deletes any exercises that are not suitable, and completes the sections about dose and any additional explanation required for that person to complete the exercise program safely and effectively.

 When printing the booklet for clinical use, please ensure that the front and final pages are retained.

Any feedback is most welcome, please email Nicole Steer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Generic above knee pre prosthetic program

Generic above knee prosthetic program

Generic below knee pre prosthetic program part 1

Generic below knee pre prosthetic program part 2

Generic below knee prosthetic program

Generic core exercise program

Advanced above knee prosthetic program

Advanced below knee prosthetic program