A rehabilitation program run at Bunbury Regional Hospital

A rehabilitation program run at Bunbury Regional Hospital

Balance exercises - Appendix from Treacy et al.
Illustrations and notes for various balance exercises. Taken from: Treacy D, Howard K, Hayes A, Hassett L, Schurr K, Sherrington C (2018) Two weeks of additional standing balance circuit classes during inpatient rehabilitation are cost saving and effective: an economic evaluation. Journal of Physiotherapy 64: 41–47.

Increasing engagement in rehabilitation and promoting increased functional practice
Prepared by Barby Singer, Allied Health Lead, TRACS WA November 2018

Increasing the intensity and amount of practice completed by stroke survivors
A presentation by Schneider et al

How many repetitions are needed to reach recovery goals post-stroke?
An article by the Australian Physio Assocation on EnableMe

Effecting coaching - tips sheet
This tips sheet about effective coaching was prepared by physiotherapist and academic Dr Simone Dorsch. Further resources, particularly related to upper limb retraining post stroke, are available at

Treatment intensity and dose in stroke rehabilitation
Erin Godecke, Senior Research Fellow, ECU