The Picker Institute Europe
A leading international charity in the field of person centred care.  Supports those working across health and social care systems measuring patient experience to drive quality improvement in healthcare.

Health Vic: Older people in hospital
Improving care for older people. Provides evidence-based information and strategies to minimise the risk of functional decline for older people in hospital.


Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health
Aims to improve the health and well being of people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. 


Planetree Organisation
A not-for-profit organisation that partners with healthcare organisations around the world and across the care continuum to transform how care is delivered.


Person and Family Centred Care: Nursing Best Practice Guidelines
Source: Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario
Enhance the quality of partnerships with individuals accessing care, improving clinical outcomes and the person and family's experience of health care through the use of evidence-based person and family centred care practices.


 The Health Foundation
An independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK. The publications section presents knowledge and ideas gained from research, improvement programmes and other areas of work.  Here we have provided a link to publications relating to shared decision making and person-centred care.