The first WA Stroke Study Day, hosted by TRACS WA and with the cooperation of the National Stroke Foundation, was very successful. We were pleased to welcome over 150 participants and over 15 speakers to Fremantle Hospital for a day of discussion and insight. For those unable to attend, videos of the guest speakers' presentations and various powerpoints are available below.

A1. TRACS WA - WA Stroke Education Framework, WA Stroke Gateway (Framework image)
A2. TRACS WA - WA Stroke Pathways

1. A consumer's perspective of stroke - Richard Hayley, Stroke Survivor

2. NSF - Delivering stronger stroke care and recovery - Jonine Collins and Jude Czerenkowski (NSF) (PPT)

3. Secondary Stroke Prevention - Dr Darshan Ghia (FSH) (PPT)

4. Accuracy of Stroke Identification - Dr David Blacker (SCGH) (PPT)

5. The Dyad Partner Approach to Upper Limb Group Therapy - Toni Heinemann and Deanne Doggett (OPH) (PPT)

6. Fatigue and the role of stress in the Stroke Survivor - Dr Michelle Byrnes (WANRI) (PPT)

7. Hope Jars: Promotion of Stroke Survivors Self Efficacy and Confidence in Goal Setting - Elena Adams (OPH) (PPT)

8. Tele-stroke in WA - Steph Waters (WACHS) (PPT)

9. Stroke Data Collection across WA Health: monitoring quality of care - Andy Wu (SCACD) (available only to DoH staff on request)

10. Assessment of balance following stroke using a Wii Balance Board - Prof Keith Hill (Curtin) (PPT)

11. Economics and Stroke RITH - Rodrigo Mejias (FHHS RITH) (PPT)

12. A Very Early Rehabilitation Trial (AVERT): Primary outcome at 3 months post stroke - Jacqui Ancliffe (RPH) (PPT)

13. Motivational Interviewing - Jarred Munro (FSH) (PPT)

14. Innovative Models: Communication Enhanced Environments after stroke - Sarah D’Souza (ECU) (apologies, video unavailable due to technical fault)