In addition to offering training across a wide range of areas in subacute care, TRACS WA host a number of Communities of Practice (CoPs) which bring together people who share a passion, concern or common interest in a health care topic, in order to discuss, learn and organise activities.

The final report from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety released in March 2021 describes the current aged care sector as fragmented.

On Friday 18th June, TRACS WA held the launch of the Aboriginal Person-Centred Care full day training package.

The GoPC process is intended to prompt a conversation to establish a medically appropriate, realistic, agreed goal(s) of patient care that will apply, in the event of any clinical deterioration, during that episode of care. Click here for sessions.

Clinicians attending our Community of Practice events have been asking us if there is any good online platform to talk and share resources with their public and private sector colleagues. TRACS WA is trialling – a Microsoft Teams-based discussion group, accessible to both public and private sector clinicians, to help Communities of Practice continue online between our face-to-face events and video conferences.

Congratulations to TRACS WA advocates and collaborators Nola Naylor and Rebecca Carbone, who won their respective categories in the 2021 Health Consumer Excellence Awards.

TRACS WA have now run two Pilot training sessions for the newly redeveloped Aboriginal Person Centred Care package. The new package expands on the previous version, exploring Health literacy for Aboriginal people, and with an increased focus on applying the learning from the full day session to practice.